Thursday, May 21, 2009

The final countdown...

The end of the school year is coming to an end. The final days of all my classes are coming faster than I can keep up. I am going to miss the snide remarks that Steven makes, especially the ones directed at me, because there are a lot. I am going to miss pretty eyes in my photography class. I am not going to miss being confused about everything in my SYE class and my other class is a wash. But this post is suppose to be about computer art, so here goes.

For our final project, we are suppose to do a series of three pictures and the subject matter is up to us. For classes like this, I usually do better when I have a little bit of direction, but just like the last two projects, I need to somehow find some creative energy to use. Even though my mind is starting to wash away with the rest of my college career, I did come up with an idea to pursue for this project. 

The idea came from a shadowbox picture that I had hanging in my room. It was a picture of florence, and there were three different pictures of florence layered on top of each other, to make it three dimensional. I decided to go off of this picture and do a series using some of my Europe pictures. i know that i have used my europe pictures before, but i think that this series could be really neat if i can figure out how to do it right. I am going to do one of london, paris and rome. I am really excited to see what i can come up with this. 

I will keep you posted about what I am doing and how this project is going.

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