Thursday, May 7, 2009

2nd installment of abstract interview

Although I was initially really nervous about putting together this project, I am now really excited for the outcome. I finally came up with a concept that I want to portray and found a model to pose for me. My friend Bryan was awesome and said that he would be my bodiless man. For his body, I am putting an echidna in the cage, which is a spiky anteater and one of Billy's favorite animals. Apparently Sonic the hedgehog was an echidna and that is where Billy learned of the animal. Instead of the cane and the hat that are being held in the picture, I decided to have Bryan hold a video game controller in one hand to represent Billy's love for video games and have a sketchbook in the other hand to represent his love for drawing. I hope that this project turns out like I am imagining it will!! 

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