Thursday, April 23, 2009

professor project update

I am still working on my professor portrait assignment, but let me fill you in on the details of what I am doing. I decided to use Professor Stichweh as my central figure. For those of you that don't know, he is the photography professor here at Otterbein. He taught my beginning photography class and also my immediate photography class. He really instilled in me a passion for taking pictures and for all things photography. 

So since he is the photography professor here, he obviously loves everything about pictures and cameras, so that was the major concept of the whole design. Basically, I took a few pictures of professor Stichweh in different scenarios, and went from there. I wanted to incorporate the camera and his fasciation and love for black and white landscapes, so that is what I used as the background to my picture. I used one of the pictures that I took during his class as the background of the piece. 

In order to relay his love for taking pictures, I took a picture of my camera and cut out the lens. I then took a picture that I cut out of Professor Stichweh holding a camera, and placed that image inside of the lens. I think it looks pretty cool. Steven said that the image was looking a little flat, so he suggested that I use a filter that distorts the image to make it look inverted, so that it actually looked as if it could be in the lens. 

I really like the piece right now. Hopefully I don't mess anything up before the end of the class period!

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